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J.V. Burkes & Associates, Inc. works with local communities, businesses, and developers to devise practical solutions to traffic problems.  When developing plans for roadway improvements, it is important to consider a realistic strategy for implementing the work.  Our recommendations focus on affordable solutions that consider available funding sources.
Our work regularly includes traffic impact studies and analyses (TIAs), traffic modeling, feasibility studies, access management studies, traffic signal design, driveway access permits, roadway design, and parking lot design.  Some of our specializations include Roundabouts, Complete Streets, Safe Routes to School, and Local Road Safety Program.

Our Traffic Design Services include the following: 

  • Traffic impact studies and analyses (TIAs)

  • Feasibility studies 

  • Traffic signal design 

  • Roundabout design 

  • Safe Routes to School 

  • Road design 

  • Traffic modeling 

  • Access management studies

  • Driveway access permits

  • Complete Streets 

  • Local Road Safety Program

  • Parking lot design 


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