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Our survey department motto “get 'er done” translates to “finish on time, within budget and with quality.”  J.V. Burkes & Associates is outfitted with an onsite GPS CORS station for REAL TIME elevation data.  Our current work is concentrated in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Through our GPS network, our GPS survey capabilities can extend nationwide.   


Having successfully completed thousands of surveys, J.V. Burkes & Associates regularly performs ALTA/ACSM surveys, standard and problem boundary surveys, construction and builder surveys, right-of-way acquisition surveys, tree location and topographic surveys.  We prepare flood elevation certificates, site plans, resubdivision maps, provide benchmarks, elevations, culvert verifications, and legal descriptions. See our dedicated section on Elevation Certificates.  Other services provided include hydrological surveys (inland waters only), telecommunication surveys, and construction staking. 


We currently hold the largest private land record system in St. Tammany Parish, LA, containing original survey records of several surveyors from the past 80 years.

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