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In the 50+ years of service to our clients and community, J.V. Burkes & Associates, Inc. continuously produces engineering, surveying and environmental solutions to address issues on the evolving landscape of Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our firm’s civil engineers have had a hand in innumerable civil design projects in our area, always aiming to balance respect for the environment with the necessary budgets, deadlines, and client needs. Our traffic engineering department has been invaluable in the development of efficient solutions to traffic issues. Our surveyors work tirelessly to accommodate the needs of our clients, whether contractors, developers, governing authorities, professional partners, churches, financial institutions, homeowners, or landowners.

The firm has worked closely with various federal, state, and local governments either as a partner or by review.  J.V. Burkes &Associates, Inc. rarely advertises, and is proud to be a thriving, local small business that continues to grow its clientele, almost solely by word-of-mouth.

With an extensive array of records, we have historical documents that cannot even be found at the Clerk of Court’s office. These records allow the firm to thoroughly research land involved in projects for which we are engaged. This, in turn, enables J. V. Burkes & Associates, Inc. to provide accurate surveys, thoughtful engineering designs, and comprehensive development planning and environmental solutions for our clients.

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