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One size does not fit all and neither do engineering solutions.  J.V. Burkes & Associates works regularly with public, individual, commercial, light industrial, and residential sectors to answer road, sewage, water, and drainage concerns with thoughtful civil engineering concepts. We work as a partner with our client to create elegant and affordable designs that solve problems.


On any given day, our engineers may be analyzing utility and modeling drainage systems, preparing hydrologic studies, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), construction bid packages, or designing road and paving plans.  J.V. Burkes & Associates offers complete civil engineering services.  We prepare LED Site Certification packages for landowners and developers.

Overview of our civil engineering and design services: 

  • Drainage Design and Water Modeling

  • Water Systems Design

  • Sewer and Sewage Plant Design

  • Commercial and Public Civil Engineering and Design

  • Paving Design and Overlays

  • Construction Estimation and Bid Coordination

  • Engineering Construction Inspection

  • LED Site Certification Packages

  • Residential Engineering and Design

  • SWPPP plans

Civil Engineering Pump Station Digital Rendering
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